The Ponte Vecchio family is delighted to announce our business association with Bath Rugby!! Come to joy our amazing offers !! Where?? Only @pontevecchiobath of course!!! — at PonteVecchio Bath.

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pontevecchiobathWe are delighted to announce, Chef Gambardella is back with the Ponte Vecchio family after is trip to Italy , to discover new products and new recipes for you to try! The best team in Bath is now together stronger than before!! Where?? Only @pontevecchiobath of course!!! or call us on 01225424800

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pontevecchiobathCongratulations to our chef Giuseppe Curci!!! The youngest chef in southwest of England, to reach the final in London as best pasta chef!!! We are glad to have him here in our family @pontevecchiobath !! So what you waiting come to see us and ask for one of chef Curci best dishes!!! Where? Only @pontevecchiobath of course!! or call us on 01225424800

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All our dessert are freshly prepared by our Chef!! Using only the best ingredients, every details make the difference!! And Chef Tony is here to make sure , that our Tiramisú is the best you ever try!!!???. Where? Only @pontevecchiobath of course!!! or call us on 01225424800

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Duo of basil pesto and arrabiata pasta! The perfect combination for your lunch break! Where ?? Only @pontevecchiobath of course!!! or call us on 01225424800 — at PonteVecchio Bath.

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pontevecchiobathDon’t miss the perfect spot for your lunch !! Great food and amazing offers with the chance to eat on our beautiful balconata!! Where only @pontevecchiobath of course!! Or call us on 01225424800 #PonteVecchioBath #in #Bath #italian #restaurant #mediterranean #food #foodporn #instafood #best #quality #vegetarian #vegan #glutenfree #dairyfree #fresh #homemade #pasta #slowfood

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pontevecchiobathGnocchi alla sorrentina is a typical dish from the Campania region , in fact “alla sorrentina” means Sorrento style !!! The particularity of this dish is the combination between the mozzarella cheese and the St Marzano Tomato!! Our gnocchi are freshly made every morning by chef Gambardella and his team! And they are only one of our great vegetarian options!!! Where ??? Only @pontevecchiobath of course!!! Or call us on 01225424800

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pontevecchiobathWith over 13 cocktails, from the classic to the new age, over 20 wines from north to the south of Italy, directly imported and our new entry the Great Ferrari Maximun and Ferrari Perlè !! Today we introduce our new drinks list!! Perfect for any occasion!! Where??? Only @pontevecchiobath of course!!! or call us on 01225424800

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The Mediterranean diet,is a valuable cultural heritage, that is much more then just a tasty and healthy dietary pattern!! It is a balanced lifestyle that includes recipes, cooking methods, celebrations , customs, local products and various activities!! To celebrate the Mediterranean Diet culture for this month we will serve as special, the Borlotti beans and feta salad!! With fresh tomato , olive oil , lemon and cucumber!! Where?? Only @pontevecchiobath of course!!??? or call us on 01225424800 — at PonteVecchio Bath.

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An offer you can’t refuse!!!

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